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Artificial Grass
Fence Panels
Paving Slabs
Railway Sleepers
<![CDATA[G&G Garden Services in Bexleyheath Repaired My fence!]]>Tue, 07 Apr 2015 14:41:06 GMThttp://bexleygardenservices.co.uk/blog/gg-garden-services-in-bexleyheath-repaired-my-fenceGreetings readers. As you know my blog is primarily devoted to food but sometimes I have to go out of my way to give a review to a deserving company or service. Today I'm talking about a G&G Garden Services in Bexleyheath. Not being from the UK, and especially living out in the suburbs for the first time, it can be quite daunting to find services to fit your needs that provide value and quality service.

We moved into Bexley just over two years ago, and from the start there was a lot of gardening issues that needed to be addressed. The first thing we chose to do was have some Eucalyptus trees felled that were completely out of control. With the winds we get here, it's often dangerous to have trees grow so high. Not knowing who to use I just searched garden services Bexley (the Borough we live in) and a few came up. I contacted them via email and a price and date was discussed. On the day they turned up and in a matter of about an hour the two 60ft eucalyptus trees were gone, roots and all. Extremely happy with the services provided.

Two years later the fence was in serious disrepair, including a massive shed that was left behind that was full of rubbish and also added to by us including wardrobes and another old shed that we brought when we moved in etc etc! Lots of junk. Originally we thought we'd get a hire a skip to get rid of the junk and decided to look over some garden services that could perhaps suit all of our needs in one go. When I started to look through services in the area, G&G came up again, with all the services I needed. What impressed me most about their website was the photos of previous work and jobs they had done. In this day in age we focus primarily on visuals, and it's really difficult for me to go to a company without a properly working website, and photos to parade their work. I contacted Grant through text, but ended up querying on a form on their website which suited me better, and them I'm sure. I found them responsive and engaging, and they called me within two days discussing a date they could come out and price out the job and give me an idea of what was going on. They told me it would be a few weeks but it ended up only being a little over one week that transpired between first initial quote, and the start date. Fantastic.

At the start of the day, they turned up, nice and early, ready to go. They immediately took my fence panels off to put along the grass to protect what little grass was there and I thought that was considerate. They then got straight to work, doing whatever they do to get a fence in order, as I've said my knowledge is with food not how a fence works. As you can see from the photos below, I'm well pleased with the job they've done. They've been completely transparent the whole time bout what was involved in the work and how much it cost. I will definitely be calling on them for further services in the garden. Thanks G&G, and to their lovely employees!

Here are some photos that I documented their work some before and after action:
Overall, I'm really happy with the work. There was one panel that was a little bit wonky, just a mistake in the building of it I imagine, but not a problem, I called them up and they were happy to sort it out. That's the kind of workers I want in my house. So if you're thinking about having them out for something I definitely would recommend them for anything!
<![CDATA[Outdoor Kitchen Bexley, Bexleyheath, Kent]]>Wed, 18 Feb 2015 14:39:30 GMThttp://bexleygardenservices.co.uk/blog/outdoor-kitchen-bexley-bexleyheath-kentOutdoor Kitchen Area Bexley
An outdoor Kitchen area we install in our own show garden. Great for entertaining for more info call 01322787310
<![CDATA[G&G Fencing Supplies, Dartford, Kent]]>Mon, 09 Feb 2015 10:33:46 GMThttp://bexleygardenservices.co.uk/blog/gg-fencing-supplies-dartford-kentG&G Fencing Supplies, Dartford, Kent
G&G Are opening a new fence supply shop in Dartford in Kent to supply the local areas with fencing and landscape products, We have been running a landscape company for many years and have now got a premises where we manufacture our own fence panels to supply to local areas including Bexley, Sidcup, Welling and surrounding Areas. We will also be selling landscape tools and equipment online and in the shop. We will also be selling Artificial Grass of the roll that can be delivered or collected in store. Please take a look at our online shop and leave a comment.
A Closed board fence panel that we make on site
<![CDATA[How To Look After Your New Fence]]>Tue, 11 Nov 2014 17:28:21 GMThttp://bexleygardenservices.co.uk/blog/how-to-look-after-your-new-fenceFencing in Bexley, Greenwich and Bromley
So you have your new timber fence and it is looking fantastic. Now it is over to you to take care of it, so it continues to look fantastic for years to come. A good quality fence should serve you well for around 20 years.

So just how do you go about keeping it looking its best and, more importantly, protected against the harsh and varied elements of the UK’s weather?

Coat it Once a Year The UK is well known for its unpredictable and varied weather. Whatever the season, one day it can be raining torrentially, the next full-on sunshine. A protective coating of stain, sealant or paint really must be applied once a year to combat the effects of the sun’s UV rays, winter frosts and spring and autumn damp.

The general rule is that when you find water stops beading up on the surface of the fence, it is time to reapply your chosen coating.

Here are some tips to observe when re-coating your fences:

  • Ensure the timber is dry, clean and free from grease before you start and be sure to strop off any existing finish and sand down
  • Equip yourself with a good quality paintbrush or painting pad so as to avoid annoying bristles adhering to the timber
  • Work quickly and don’t stop mid-panel to take a tea break otherwise you’ll notice the join
  • Work with the grain – don’t paint across it – and blend the edges to avoid streaking
  • Always apply two coats
  • Never work in direct sunlight or during the hottest part of the day as the coating will dry too quickly and won’t properly soak into the timber to provide maximum protection

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<![CDATA[Block Paving, Fencing, Patio, Sidcup, Kent, DA15]]>Mon, 03 Nov 2014 14:38:16 GMThttp://bexleygardenservices.co.uk/blog/block-paving-fencing-patio-sidcup-kent-da15Landscape Garden Project In Sidup Kent DA15
<![CDATA[Landscape Project In Blackheath SE3]]>Mon, 03 Nov 2014 14:07:27 GMThttp://bexleygardenservices.co.uk/blog/landscape-project-in-blackheath-se3Landscape Garden in Blackheath SE3 Including Patio, Artificial Grass, Decking and a new lawn

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<![CDATA[Front Drive Way In Erith DA8]]>Mon, 03 Nov 2014 12:28:01 GMThttp://bexleygardenservices.co.uk/blog/front-drive-way-in-erith-da8Front Drive Way, Patio in Erith DA8
<![CDATA[G&G Garden Services Decking On A Hill]]>Mon, 06 Oct 2014 14:17:45 GMThttp://bexleygardenservices.co.uk/blog/gg-garden-services-decking-on-a-hillDecking Shooters hill SE18
For more info on our Decking please follow the link DECKING
<![CDATA[Landscape Garden Services In Bexley, Kent ]]>Fri, 07 Mar 2014 00:19:39 GMThttp://bexleygardenservices.co.uk/blog/landscape-garden-services-in-bexley-kentG&G Garden Services Lawn Laying Service
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Before and after shots taken, The Lawn Has had its First cut